A full size pommel horse is neither appropriate nor recommended for home use.  A useful item of pommel horse equipment however is a trainer, often called a mushroom.

Repetition is what leads to having mushroom circles. Being able to practice at home can be helpful with this particular skill.

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Most skills are unachievable in gymnastics without constant repetition but in no area is this truer than with pommel circles.

Knowing the ‘right way to do it’ is essential. The general advice suggests once a gymnast has achieved one circle in the gym he is ready for a mushroom for home use but not before.

It also needs adding that although repetition is the key here this needs to be approached with caution. Excessive circle work can place undue strain on wrists so be sure to ask the advice of your coach to avoid landing yourself with an injury.

More pommel horse equipment coming soon! Please bear with us while we add new products to the website.


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Gymnastic Mushroom Trainer for Pommel

Pommel Mushroom Trainer

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