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There is an almost endless choice of gymnastics books, aimed at every age group and at gymnasts of all levels. The most inspirational – which could serve to help a gymnast over a current crisis of confidence or motivation hurdle – come as both biographical accounts and fiction-based stories.

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Almost all gymnasts will at some time face a crisis of confidence, a slump in motivation or some other hurdle within the sport. Inspiration at such times can be crucial – the key difference between taking on those challenges and overcoming them or alternatively maybe even quitting the sport for good.

Many of the biographical or documentary-type books and videos here relate how gymnasts who achieved the highest Olympic accolades themselves faced and worked through the very same issues: for many gymnasts there is perhaps nothing more inspirational than this. Well-done fiction or drama can also work as a confidence boost if the reader can closely identify with a character or the storyline contains an issue which they themselves are facing in reality.


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