Gymnastics Mats

No matter how basic your home training, very little is safe without gymnastics mats to take the worst impact from your falls while reducing the stress on joints from repeated landings.

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A panel mat or tumble mat tends to be the starting point and absolute minimum. Sizes vary but the most commonly found dimensions are 4ft x 8 ft with a minimum of 3.5cm (1.38″) thickness.

For beam the minimum recommendation is  5cm (2″) thick with 12cm (4.75″) more desirable. This applies to low beam only. If you intend to go higher your mat recommendations for safety will be different.

Basic bar matting is recommended at 20cm (8″) thickness.

Layering mats will give you better thickness but it is worth noting mats which are too thick are not desirable either. For certain activities a thick mat causes a gymnast to sink in and presents a different type of issue.


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